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Date: 10th May 2016
TCM Decocting Site
Beijing Donghuayuan Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China tcm decocting site manufacturers and factory with leading company tcm decocting site and meidical equipments and health product NO.1 tcm decocting site with CE,Website:, welcome to buy our cheap and famous products.In early 2015, Donghua Beijing original medical equipment Co., Ltd., general manager of Jiang Libin in Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association Annual Meeting on the Internet era of traditional manufacturing service model innovation topic made a wonderful speech. A few days ago, in an interview with this reporter, Jiang Libin further elaborated on innovative ideas and practical exploration.Reporter (hereinafter referred to as recorded): in the face of the country to promote the healthy development of service industry is a rare opportunity, traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing industry in terms of innovative products and services are actively exploring, you think in new period of rapid development of the Internet, innovation of service mode exactly is a what kind of pattern?Jiang Libin (hereinafter referred to as the ginger): good. I think that the innovation of service mode is through Internet, networking technology, reform and upgrade will be more traditional service mode, so that it can be more humane, closer to the service or customer, but also can reduce the burden of a model, focus is to dramatically improve the customer experience.Note: this concept is more general, specific how to understand, can you explain it?Ginger: take the current is still in the development of modern medicine decocting center, essentially, it's still out of decocting room category, or a medicine boiling chamber. But compared to the traditional decocting room and cannot be mention in the same breath. Traditional medicine decocting room is a station equipment simply stacked together, decocting machine, packing machine, decocting, walked up and down the workers favour on the hoof. In addition, decocting packaging is done automatically in the inside of the machine, most of the work or rely on artificial. The center is not the same as modern medicine. It is the introduction of the Internet, the Internet of things technology, using the computer to control, all devices are linked together. Operation station in the control room in front of the computer, will be able to manage the entire decocting room equipment, be clear at a glance. This reduces the work intensity of decocting room. On the other hand, this model can make the final customer, is the patient, to obtain a satisfactory experience. How to make patients satisfied, summed up is two words, one is reliable quality, can be assured to take; one is to save time, do not go to the hospital once a time. According to these two points, decocting center in terms of quality can monitor the quality of the information provided, to allow the patient to see the quality inspection report, you can still see the temperature curve of decocting; through the mobile terminal to send text messages to inform, but also directly to the medicine to the patient at home.Note: innovative service model is based on existing services, the use of network technology, improve service quality, improve customer satisfaction.Ginger: you can understand this. Traditional Chinese medicine industry belong to the traditional manufacturing industry, at present, the mainstream of manufacturing or in artificial and mechanical based, to the field of traditional Chinese medicine, said "old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine", which also contains the lack of innovation of service mode of Chinese medicine, modernization is still very lacking. The so-called innovation model, said it is very simple, but in fact the Chinese medicine industry to be able to merge the computer, the Internet and other technologies, is a very great innovation.Reporter: from the Chinese drink casserole boil, it can easily carry the vacuum bag packing liquid medicine, really a lot of convenience.Ginger: the hospital has basically eliminated the casserole aoyao, keep pace with the times. Decocting machine is very convenient, but not out of ten years, decocting machine will once again updating. Later, do not have the function of network communication machine is eliminated, don't upgrade for decocting center of modern medicine decocting room will also be eliminated.Reporter: this prediction is very bold, there is no conclusive basis?Ginger: survival of the fittest. Any a product, a model can be accepted, it must be because have some of the advantages, and if a product of a model to achieve universal, then not only is has certain advantages, but has very high social value and economic value.The center of the modern decocting service model innovation, I think it has a value of three. For decocting mechanism. It can simplify management, reduce the cost, is the income generating income, this is the first value; another, TCM is for patients taking. None of the patients would not need medicine. It can make patients satisfied, rest assured, this is the second value; there is a value, I think it is very important, that is, standardized management. Now in the field of traditional Chinese medicine is still showing chaos, the quality of Chinese herbal medicine difficult to monitor, decocting medicinal herbs is difficult to monitor quality, factory pieces, pharmacy is numberless as the sand, also difficult to control, has become a difficulties in the work of the government. And the ordinary decocting room transformed into accord with GMP specification, with high management, providing the whole quality and process monitoring center of decocting and pieces quality, quality of decoction, decoction room software and hardware facilities are given good supervision. Moreover, this innovative model once running, showing the power of the natural law of survival of the fittest. Not equipped with decocting center, development of enterprises and pieces of hospital difficult to continue, or will be eliminated. Service center of the great modern medicine. In the center of Zhejiang established several herbs, on the throughput of most of Hangzhou's market demand. Some small, traditional decocting room gradually eliminated. Not in a few years, the domestic medicine decocting institutions will reduce a large number, leaving only those that meet the standards, with the core competitiveness of the agencies, accordingly, government regulators of the workload is decreased. Although this innovative model has just started two years, but I am very confident. In 2015, we have a lot of promotion plan, there are many large enterprises in the active contact to discuss cooperation, the relevant government departments are also the project attaches great importance to.Reporter: this innovative model to meet the needs of the market and the government, the outlook can be expected, that there are still shortcomings?Ginger: the introduction of a technology needs a long time running, improvement, to become perfect. For now, there are still some problems in the way of connection of the device. We adopt the serial mode, that is, all the devices are connected in series, this method has defects. Just like the circuit, in series, there is a problem of equipment, then the entire unit can not work. So, we have recently developed the equipment in parallel to the technical transformation. In addition, what kind of service can be the greatest degree of integration into the patient's life, to achieve communication and interaction with patients, but also worth our further thinking and solution.Note: today, the popularity of computers, Internet users and mobile phone users, mobile Internet for business and customer interaction provides a large platform, how to treat and use of the new development of information technology?Ginger: I think, really can be closely related to the patient is the phone, is the operator. The mobile phone is portable, but very popular, everyone at least one hand. One of the improvements we have in this innovative model is to be integrated with the operator. Only through operators, in order to further our services to patients, the real realization of interaction with patients, improve the degree of recognition. Via SMS to inform the patient decocting information, express door-to-door distribution is very small, big goal is to provide comprehensive traditional Chinese medicine health service.The first is linked with the service of decocting, providing SMS to inform, decocting schedule, decoct medicinal herbs quality monitoring service. In addition, it will provide physical identification of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine health knowledge consultation, hospital online registration, online inquiry, etc. service, basically can interrogation medication patients who stay at home.Reporter: then operators to join is a new breakthrough innovation model, specific how to carry out cooperation?Ginger: here, the service to be achieved through the app, and app production, operations and maintenance needs with a high degree of professional ability and social credibility of the company, such as China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, the three operators. In fact, we have been working with China Telecom launched a similar model of innovative services, and lay a certain foundation.2014, Donghua original launch of the "health hut" integrated solutions, and China Telecom cooperation in the establishment of a healthy house in Shanghai, the development of the "health hut" APP software, very close to the people and practical. The so-called "health hut", through a set of scientific and reliable health examination equipment for people to carry out a comprehensive test of health status, and through the Internet to carry out health records, health intervention, etc..Now the prevalence of chronic diseases, aging population is also increasing. As far as Beijing is concerned, as of 2014, the proportion of Beijing aging population accounted for 19.4%. Chronic disease prevention and treatment. In 2007, China launched a "national healthy lifestyle", the purpose is to strengthen health management, and promote the health of the people. "Health hut" is the product of this action, are generally established in the community health station, medical center and some large enterprises."Healthy hut" app software has many features, overview page, you can see personal information, unit information, examination score, physical examination ranking and need to focus on the examination index; health management interface and an entire unit of summary of the examination; and personal health management interface. "Health hut" also offers a large hospital appointment, as well as medical records, etc.. Of course, there are tickets booking, weather inquiries, and other useful tools. The following will be the opening of online inquiry and health consultation service of doctor-patient interaction. Shanghai is currently just a pilot, in accordance with the development plan, in the future will be the basic coverage of the country's first, second tier cities.?Reporter: from modern medicine decocting center to "healthy hut", the Beijing Donghua original as medical equipment manufacturing enterprises, whether the operating in have a big transition?Ginger: at present, we must also be based on the production of products. Innovative service model more consideration is the advantage of this model into the business of business. Like the "health hut" of the planning and design, now and future services are free of charge. But from another point of view, in order to the development of the industry as a whole, or corporate social responsibility said, we as a member of the Chinese medicine industry should take the initiative to participate in the era of mobile Internet service model innovation. If it comes to corporate earnings, it is mainly to enrich the connotation of the brand, enhance the image of the enterprise.
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