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Date: 10th May 2016
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Beijing Donghuayuan Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China herb medicine slides manufacturers and factory with leading company herb medicine slides and meidical equipments and health product NO.1 herb medicine after processing with CE,Website:, welcome to buy our cheap and famous products.Chinese medicine yinpian is through by traditional Chinese medicineTraditional Chinese medicineTheory, method of TCM firing, after processing after processing, can be directly used in traditional Chinese medicine clinical traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).This concept shows that traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine yinpian, and there is no absolute boundaries, Chinese medicine yinpian includes part of the origin of traditional Chinese medicine section (including cutting, block, disc), prototype medicine yinpian and after cutting (on the basis of origin), gun main slices.Before the two types of management shall be regarded as traditional Chinese medicine, just according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine yinpian understanding in the formula, preparation.And management in the sense of yinpian concept should be understood as: "according to the need to allocate or agents, the origin of net medicine further cutting system, main of finished product is referred to as the" Chinese medicine yinpian.On September 8, 2012, 12 Chinese medicine yinpian enterprise was caught using chemical raw material medicine.In accordance with the requirements of state drug administration of traditional Chinese medicine yinpian instruction to warn toxic herbs.Chinese nameChinese medicine yinpianOut of placeWulin old thingsSex to pledgeTraditional Chinese medicineBeginning inThe southern song dynastydirectory.1provenance.2The development situation.Forced theIncreased year by year.Forced theExport restraints.Forced theBig valued.3Processing methods.Forced theThe warring states period.Forced theThe han dynasty.Forced theIn the Ming dynasty.Forced themodern.4Taking method.5The quality requirements.6Storage store.7Species introduction.Forced theOrdinary Chinese medicine yinpian.Forced theTraditional Chinese medicine from Fried slices.Forced theTraditional Chinese medicine (TCM) granular yinpian.Forced theTraditional Chinese medicine (TCM) broken wall slices.Forced theTraditional Chinese medicine refined yinpian.8A famous brand.9The quality problem.10Toxic herbs warningprovenanceOne, the southern song dynasty, careful"Wulin old things(after the song dynasty wu recalling) first appeared in "workshop" sell "cooked medicine circle, crude drugs slices", general researchers see it as a Chinese medicine yinpian the origin of the word.Many people think that "every move took the knife to slices".Second, some Chinese herbal medicine professional market and urban and rural market medicine enterprises believe that only through complex processing main process of finished product is prepared, only the net system, cutting method processed should be referred to as a "slice", and should not administer in accordance with the "slices";Third, according to thepharmacopoeia"Definition, which is processed slices of traditional Chinese medicine, can be directly used to allocate or agents".The development situationChinese medicine yinpian is one of the three pillars of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) industry in China, is a clinical syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine treats the necessary conventional weapons, but also an important raw material of proprietary Chinese medicine, its unique processing theory and methods, which embodies the profound wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine.With the constant improvement of the theory of TCM and mature, it has become an important means of TCM clinical prevention and cure.Increased year by year1 - December, 2006, ChinaChinese medicine yinpian processingIndustry to achieve total gross value of industrial output 21660358000 yuan, increased by 31.62% year-on-year;Implementation accumulative total sales income of 19022033000 yuan, increased by 29.44% year-on-year;Implementation accumulative total profit of 1036648000 yuan, increased by 24.58% year-on-year.In 2007, Chinese medicine yinpian processing industry in China implement the total industrial output value of 26999653000 yuan, up 36.97% from a year earlier.Implementation accumulative total sales income of 24169037000 yuan, increased by 36.80% year-on-year;Implementation accumulative total profit of 1451344000 yuan, increased by 65.15% year-on-year.October 1, 2008, Chinese medicine yinpian processing industry in China implement total gross value of industrial output 26999653000 yuan, increased by 36.97% year-on-year;Implementation accumulative total sales income of 24169037000 yuan, increased by 36.80% year-on-year;Implementation accumulative total profit of 1451344000 yuan, increased by 65.15% year-on-year.Export restraintsChinese medicine yinpian technology standard fuzzy and variable quality is an important factor restricting the export of Chinese medicine yinpian.Based on the Chinese herbal medicine processing of new and high technology industrialization promotion, to improve the international competitiveness of Chinese medicine yinpian products, break through barriers to international trade, to expand the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the international market share.Big valuedTraditional Chinese medicine (TCM), as the representative of the natural plant medicine, there should be a good growth of the industry.Traditional Chinese medicinePosition in the world is happening quietly but profound changes, from civil identity to official recognition, the world has entered the era of traditional medicine and plant medicine management legislation.Australia, eu, Canada and other western developed countries for traditional Chinese medicine and traditional medicine management legislation, Britain has launched tied up legislative process of traditional Chinese medicine.At home, outside the capital of Chinese medicine yinpian also expressed great enthusiasm, the future development of Chinese medicine yinpian industry has great potential/holds great promise.The state attaches great importance to traditional Chinese medicine industry, for consumersNatural medicine, increase in exports the international market, Chinese medicine yinpian industry to become a reality, the growth of building industry standard is not the dream.Processing methodsThe warring states periodWritten records began in the warring states period of TCM firing.China's earliest existing medical classics"The yellow emperor's Canon", its treatment of husked sorghum "mu Ming" has a "cure pinellia pinellia decoction, showed when the disease has been in use for medicine cure regular processed products.The han dynastyHan dynasty, according to relevant data records, processing methods have many, many, such as steamed, Fried, grilled, calcined, cannon, refined, boiling, fire, burn, cut, grind, file, pounding cooked cream, wine, wine, wine, water, soup to wash, scraping skin, go nuclear, wing foot, unhairing, etc.At the same time, he started processing theory.China's first YaoShu"Huang diExample wrote: "medicine... toxic nontoxic, air-dried suddenly and violently dry, mining ShiYue, cooked, land, authenticity, and the application... if toxic appropriate system, phase and phase to kill are available, and don't, don't share".In the northern and southern dynastiesLiu songEra, China's first monograph"Theory of tripterygium wilfordii cannon main", recorded in the processing methods are mainly steamed, boiled, Fried, baked, grilled, cannon, burnt, soaked and fly.The book on the development of TCM firing, produced a great impact, some processing methods, today still has great reference value.In the Ming dynastyMing dynasty period, the development of TCM firing are more comprehensive, in terms of theory,Chen JiamoIn the compendium MengQuan, was systematically discussed the number of processing principle of complementary makings, records for: "wine making up lift; ginger system divergence; go into salt kidney still battle soft firm; with vinegar note liver meridian and the endowment living pain; webbed hands system in addition to the recessive fall; m Gan system to dry and; dairy moisturize dry help Yin blood, back in honey predominate gump hard to gain yuan Yin; clay secretly qi Chen Bi fill flash medium; wheat bran leather or cool sex not diaphragmatic injury; black bean soup, licorice soup stains exposure and detoxicating to make peace......".He also stressed: "whoever medicine manufacturing, in moderate, less effect is hard to find, too lose the smell."The famous medical scholarsLi shizhenSet the home, in his magnum opus "theCompendium of materia medicaA "special" shuhei ", contains the method of individual.For some processing methods are discussed on the basis of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine.Then,MiaoXiYongAnd in theTheory of tripterygium wilfordii cannon main"On the basis of increased when the commonly used processing methods, in his book" the processing solution, "famous gun main seventeen method is proposed.modernAfter the founding of the People's Republic of China, because of the party and the people's government are very concerned about and pay attention to traditional Chinese medicine processing business, processing enterprise develops quickly.Authorities are scattered around the region with a long history of the text sorting in experience.And on this basis, the published process for making, most parts of the country.At the same time, countries in the pharmacopoeia also contains the content of TCM firing, and published a batch processing.Such asPeople's medical publishing housePublished "the experience integrated TCM firing,Jiangsu people's publishing housePublished "the learning TCM firing" and so on.In the aspect of scientific research, at present there are manyTraditional Chinese medicineResearch institutions have carried out the study of TCM firing, has certain scientific research team.In terms of production, expanding the production scale of TCM firing, medicine yinpian quality gradually improved.With the innovation of technology, processing mechanization of production equipment has gradually, such as rolling washing machine, peeling machine, pound slice machine, slicing machine, various types of electric frying pan, etc.These will develop towards automation and linkage.Taking method1, general cleaning materials, infiltrating into the appropriate cold water for a while then decoctionNote must use an earthenware pot or enamel POTS, absolutely can't wok, with enamel basin cannot have iron naked, because some of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can react with the iron. Tisanes also pay special attention to in the process of medicine can not be Fried paste, if the Fried paste is absolutely can't use!2, decoction for 20 minutes, Fried eat good medicine juice, pour in the bowlRio DE janeiroThree quarters.Carefully read the doctor's decoctionprescriptionIs the first, rear, frying, Yang requirements, such as medicine should pay attention to when the doctor ever metasomatism is warm and cold service, before meals and after dinner served, etc.The variety of traditional Chinese medicine yinpian directory 1, 2, gun ginger 3 dried ginger, ginger charcoal 4 rhubarb, rhubarb, 5, and wine 8, 6, 7 cooked rhubarb, rhubarb charcoalgardenia9, 10, Fried gardenia 11 focal gardenia,The root of remembranous milk vetch12, main astragalus 13 14 15, turmeric, wine rhizoma coptidis, rhizoma coptidis even 16, calling coptis 17,ephedra18 and its main 19, 20, wine salvia miltiorrhiza 21 salvia miltiorrhiza,Fleece-flower root22, fleece-flower root, 23, 24, 25, gypsum 26 main licorice, licorice calcined gypsum 27, 28, Fried atractylodes atractylodes 29,Focal atractylodes30, 31, radix paeoniae alba, radix paeoniae rubra and radix paeoniae alba, radix paeoniae alba 33, wine, 34, 35, 36, rehmannia glutinosaangelica37, wine angelica 38, 39, focal betelnut 40, 41, vinegar rhizoma corydalis yanhusuo, sophora japonica, 42, 43, 44, radix scutellariae, flos sophorae carbon 45, 46, 47 notoginseng powder, red ginseng wine radix scutellariae 48, 49, 51 pretty in 50, light powder, borneol natrii 53, indigo naturalis powder 52, glauber's salt, 54, talcum powder, 55, 56, calcined ocher ochre 57, aloe, 58, 59 catechu, radix aconiti 60, grass, 61, 62, white with black 63, with 64, gun with 65, 66, thousands of gold croton cream frost, 67, 68, 69 m blister beetle, nux vomica powdercinnabar70, realgar, 71, 72 calcined oyster Fried rice sprout, Fried rice shoots, 74 vinegar with 73, 75 76 wine vinegar radix bupleuri, desertliving cistanche, 76 calcined dens draconis, 78 calcined haliotis focal medicated leaven, 79 vinegar tortoise shell, 80Common slices of eight kinds of types and specifications:1. The sheet thickness of 0.5 MM below.2. The chip thickness of 1-2 mm.(3) for 2-4 mm thick slices thickness.4. The diagonal slice thickness for 2-4 mm.5. The straight piece (suitable) for 2-4 mm thickness.6.) (including filaments and wide silk filament width for 2-3 mm, wire width is 5 to 10 mm wide.7. Section (including short and length of short length for 5-10 mm, long length of 10 to 15 mm.8 block length for 8-12 mm cube or rectangle.The quality requirements1. The studs are 2. The type and granularity of 3. 4. Color smell 5. 6. Water ash 7. 8. The extract related ingredients 9. 10. Toxic ingredients identified 11. Packing inspectionStorage storeYinpian curing methods have lime drying, alcohol, insect-resistant, chemical pesticides (sulfur fumigation method), gas adjustment method, against storage and cold storage method, etc.Chinese medicine yinpian general dry and ventilated warehouse and avoid direct sunlight, indoor temperature not to exceed 20 ?, relative humidity 45% ~ 75%, yinpian moisture content control under 13% (except special slices).[1]Now the points mentioned below:1. The starch more herbs, such as rhizoma alismatis,yam, radix puerariae,The root of remembranous milk vetchWait to cut it into slices to dry in time, stored in ventilated, dry and cool place, insect-resistant eat by moth, moistureproof.2. To contain volatile oil of medicinal materials, such as mint,angelica, radix aucklandiae and rhizoma chuanxiong and cut into slices, after drying temperature is less than 30 ?, such as more than 30 ?, loss of effective components, storage environment temperature not too high, otherwise the vulnerable aroma or flushing, high temperature easy to moisture absorption mildew and bug eat by moth, should be kept cool, dry place.3. The sugar and phlegmatic more slices, such as c. deserticola, radix rehmanniae, radix asparagi, dangshen, etc., processing is not easy to dry, after the high temperature high humidity environment easy to soften the sticky, easy contaminated, should mouldproof, insect-resistant eat by moth, ventilated, dry place storage.4. Seeds medicinal materials after making the increase the aroma, such as Perilla,Platycladi seed, radish seed, coix seed, etc., should be closed custody storage cylinder and tank and prevent pests and rat bite.5. Every wine making slices, such as angelica, dichroa, rhubarb, vinegar making slices, such as historical, spurge, incense, euphorbia kansui, etc are stored in an airtight container, place the shade.6. All that salt main slices, such as rhizoma alismatis rhizoma anemarrhenae, plantain seed, medicinal indianmulberry root, etc., it is easy to absorb moisture in the air, easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp soft, if the temperature is high, the water loss, salting out and out the other.It should be stored in an airtight container, ventilated, dry place in case of be affected with damp be affected with damp.7. The slices of honey, such as coltsfoot flower, liquorice, loquat leaf, processed sugar, difficult to dry, particularly easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp soft or adhesion clumps and easy contaminated, bug eat by moth, mildew and mouse biting, should be stored in cylinders, tank and closed as far as possible in order to avoid moisture absorption, ventilated, dry place preservation maintenance.8. Certain minerals slices, such as borax, glauber's salt, such as in dry air, easy to lose crystal water and weathering, reason should be in the seal cylinder storage tank, in shade curing.Variation in the store:Bug eat by moth 2. Mould 3. 4 color smell lost 5. Flushing 6. Weathering 7. Deliquescence 8. Melting adhesion 9. Volatile 10. Rotting 11. The spontaneous combustionSpecies introductionOrdinary Chinese medicine yinpianThe most commonly used slices of traditional Chinese medicine, medicine characteristics.For the application of one thousand - year history.Traditional Chinese medicine from Fried slicesConvenient and office workers crowd, but it can't reflect the traditional Chinese medicine characteristics.Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) granular yinpianSmall volume, easy to mix.Also reflects the characteristic medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, not affected by the major is recommended.Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) broken wall slicesIn recent years, the latest scientific and technological achievements, value is expensive.It is not suitable for China's national conditions to promote the use.Traditional Chinese medicine refined yinpianThe small packaging slices.Weighing accurate, clean sanitation, uniform, allocate and convenient.Price is relatively expensive, some species do not conform to the processing and deployment specification.It is recommended to use yinpian belongs to the country.A famous brandHuqingyu hall, red dragon pharmaceutical, tongrentang, sig, elegant woman lake, rejuvenation hall, TongHanChun hall, etcThe quality problemOn September 8, 2012, the state food and drug administration's website showed the batch dyeing weight of Chinese medicine yinpian production enterprise.Anhui xin Chinese medicine yinpian co., LTD., anhui d out Chinese medicine yinpian technology co., LTD., Shanghai pharmacy co., LTD., bozhou xu heavy, Chinese medicine yinpian factory for using chemical pigment dyed auramine O, aluminum salt and magnesium salt is aggravating, and adulterated in medicinal materials;Bozhou city kelly, Chinese medicine yinpian co., LTD. And other 2 companies suspected of using chemical pigment dyeing and adulterated auramine O;Anhui fu tong Chinese medicine yinpian spring co., LTD.,bozhouCity, gong medicine yinpian Wan Zhen Chinese medicine yinpian bozhou city, anhui hisin seven companies such as Chinese medicine yinpian factory co., LTD., suspected of using chemical pigment dyed auramine O;The xin, weight, xu, Chinese medicine yinpian factory walk etc. There is also a ticket, branded packaging, and other issues.In view of the above production part of the Chinese medicine yinpian has entered circulation, use and proprietary Chinese medicine production, the state food and drug administration has ordered the local bureau to strengthen supervision, the fight is not qualified Chinese medicine yinpian for clinical formula and proprietary Chinese medicine production.Bozhou xu heavy, Chinese medicine yinpian factory last year on a "blacklist", also in hubei province food and drug administration issued the first quarter of 2011 in hubei province drug quality announcement, sampling, found that the factory production of aloes, due to the characteristics of unqualified and "list".Moisture is crucial for medicinal materials, to maintain the water first medicinal materials properly can keep the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, the second is advantageous to the store.Water is of great significance to guarantee the quality of Chinese medicine yinpian, Chinese medicine yinpian bags of bought for control of its moisture content is particularly important, reasonable water can prevent insect, mildew in the storage preservation, avoid decomposition of effective ingredients, enzyme solution metamorphism, etc."a pilot yinpian standard rules" regulation: general yinpian moisture content should be controlled at 7% ~ 13%;Honey category containing water should not exceed 15%;Main wine, vinegar and main salt main category such as moisture content should not exceed 13%;Hot vinegar quenched products water content less than 10%.Toxic herbs warningState food and drug supervision and management of administration issued a "about the revision notice of toxic Chinese medicines, Chinese medicine yinpian varieties specifications (hereinafter referred to as the" notice ").According to this file, by the end of 2013, the product contains toxic herbs, Chinese medicine yinpian enterprise must be stated in the specification of toxic ingredients and add warnings."Notice" provisions, any prescription contains "toxic drugs for medical use management method" (state council order no. 23) contains 28 kinds of toxicity of medicinal materials made from Chinese medicine yinpian (contain toxic processed products) of proprietary Chinese medicine varieties, related pharmaceutical producing enterprises shall use the manual components under the name of toxic Chinese medicine yinpian, and increase the warnings in the corresponding position: "this product includes XXX"."Notice" clearly put forward that the prescription contains other has been proved to be toxic, easy to cause serious adverse reactions of varieties of traditional Chinese medicine yinpian, the pharmaceutical producing enterprises shall also be revised instructions according to the above requirements.It is worth noting that involves state secrets technology of the new provisions are also applicable to the varieties of Chinese patent medicine.
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